Fantastic Product

Fantastic product. Very economical to use. A bag of pellets has lasted over a month already. So easy to clean. Highly recommended

So Pleased with this system

Carla Newberry reviewed Brit-Pet 5 star I am so pleased with this litter system. No more changing the wood litter every few days and no more dreaded tracking through the house. So easy to use and keep clean. Jilly delivered great customer service and would highly recommend any cat owner to purchase one of the systems. Thanks again.

Best Litter Tray

This litter tray system is great, I have been using for a couple of months now and it really does save you time and money, it۪s so quick and easy to clean. I bought one to start with and then when I got a new kitten got another and a spare base tray which I find makes it a lot easier, as previously I was finding it awkward to find somewhere to put the sieve tray when cleaning the base, but with a spare tray you can just put the sieve tray straight in there while you clean the other and no mess on the floor and then they all stack nicely together. I then alternate the spare tray between the two. The wood pellets are so economical too and there is no odour. A really brilliant product.

With four cats the trays paid for themselves.

We have four cats and as you can imagine go through industrial amounts of wood pellet litter. We bought one to try and it saved us so much litter we bought another with the money we saved. We also now use the sieves with our foster cats. It's reduced the litter use and saves time cleaning the litter trays, so we have more time to spend doing the enjoyable parts of fostering cats.

Extra large sieve litter tray system

I ordered a extra large system to try with my cats and was so impressed with it that i brought one more plus a standard size one. They are fantastic for my maine coons. Perfect size and well made. Will last years no doubt! Im also saving money by using much less wood pellet litter. I will be recomending Brit-Pet to my friends!