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Having spent a few years in Australia and acquiring 2 Gorgeous British Shorthaired Kittens

The Breeder recommended the  Sieve Litter Tray System ( Eco Pet Litter Trays for Wood Pellets )

From there the story begun.......always having used Litter Trays over the years of owning cats were so impressed with this system that on their return to the UK with cats in tow .....they then realised how much they missed their  litter tray system which was in a container on the high seas and not going to arrive for at least 8 weeks. Had no choice but to use wood pellets in a standard cat tray which proved to be very wasteful as when the pellets break down there was no where for them to go without the Sieve and no way of separating the good pellets from the broken down pellets

British Cat owners were seriously missing out on a a great system as wood pellets are widely available in pet stores and supermarkets and the preferred choice for many as they are eco friendly an biodegradable