2 Piece Standard Sieve Tray Set Plus Extra Base Plus Scoop

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2 Piece Sieve Tray Set Plus Extra Base Plus Scoop The Brit-Pet litter tray is designed specifically for use with wood pellet litter. The tray is made up of two parts, with the top section used as a sieve. When Wood pellets gets wet, it breaks down into sawdust particles, which then falls through into the bottom tray when shaken or stirred once or twice a day Dimensions Width 38cm Length 48cm Height 16cm PLUS extra base for rotational cleaning and a scoop Available in 4 colours

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works exactly as advertised

Great product - wish there was a bundle available for the standard size product with both the guard and an extra tray, like there is with the large version! We didn't need the scoop.

Reasonable price either way, would reccomend.

Pamela Aust
Brilliant Litter Tray System

We recently bought this litter tray system when we rescued an indoor cat. We use it with wood pellets and have been extremely impressed with the way it works. With our previous cats we used a clumping litter but this system is by far superior to that. There is never any urine smell and it masks the smell of poops well too. It is so easy to manage, it saves us huge amounts of time because most days you can just comb through the litter with a scoop so the sawdust that absorbs the urine goes through the sieve and then simply empty the bottom tray every couple of days. For poops we use a biodegradable bag to scoop them out. It saves an awful lot of money on litter as well because so little is wasted. I would definitely recommend getting the two bottom trays to make the job even easier (we did also invest in a big metal scoop because it's a lot more robust). All in all, a fantastic product that makes an unpleasant job as quick and easy as possible.


Honestly life-changing

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