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Brit-Pet Litter Tray System

How it Works

The Sieve Litter Tray .... This litter system uses less than a third the amount of natural wood pellet litter compared with single litter trays because the fresh pellets are always kept separate from the waste. No Wastage of Unused Pellets ..... New pellets are added to the top sieve tray and wet particles are removed from the bottom tray. In tests a 10kg bag of litter lasted twelve weeks for one cat using this litter system. The saving on wood pellets quickly pays for the trays. Eliminates Odour .... Urine odour is eliminated with this system because the resin in the pine pellets stops the growth of the bacteria that cause the ammonia smell. No Tracking .... The litter in the tray remains dry so there is no tracking outside of the tray. It looks great – you will love the look of only fresh pellets in the tray. Quick, Easy and Very Economical .... Simply scoop out the solids daily, shake the tray to allow the wet litter to fall into the bottom tray and top up the sieve tray when required.

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