Cat / Kitten Sieve Litter Tray System with Scoop

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New shallower sieve litter trays ( pink & blue ) with guard & scoop you have the normal size sieve litter trays & the maxi tray ......what about slightly shallower cat /kitten sieve litter trays.  These tray sizes are 47x36x15 ( without guard will be around 11 high ) compared to 48x38x16 (normal tray) so great for starting your younger kittens off and adding guard later

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Exactly what I have been after for months!

I have been looking for a litter tray to use having spotted a YouTube video showing the 'sifting system' a few months ago. This arrived a few days ago and really is third time lucky as it works perfectly! The holes are small enough not to allow the wood pellets/poop through yet large enough for the dust to go through without clogging. The top tray with the holes in it is also raised off the bottom tray slightly to allow the dust to go through easily with a quick shake. The tray even has little rubber feet on it to avoid it slipping around the bathroom floor......a nice touch I thought.

Although advertised for a kitten, it suits my 9 years old cat who is on the smaller side. I would say it would only cause an issue size wise if you have a particularly large cat.

Really pleased with this product. It does what it says it will and is good quality. Will certainly be using Brit Pet in future.

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