Maxi Sieve Tray & Base Tray in Charcoal Only

Colour :
Charcoal/Surf Must
Brown/Beige :

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This is the Large Sieve Litter Tray For Wood Pellets

Maxi size for large breed cats.i.e Ragdolls, Maine Coons or other large breeds

The Brit-Pet litter tray is designed specifically for use with wood pellet litter. This 2 piece Maxitray set comes with a sieve, 1 base. When the pellets are wet, they break down into smaller particles, which then falls through into the bottom tray when shaken once or twice a day.

Width 46cm
Length 57cm
Front Height 23cm
Back Height 29cm

Depth in tray 15 cm - 20 cm..

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jo Tork
Game Changer!!!

OMG I wish I had found out about this years ago!!! I have two indoor cats, a Maine Coon and a Russian Blue, I was forever changing the litter tray but this is a game changer. My RB would always kick the wood pellets and sawdust everywhere but no longer and my MC is a fussy boy who doesn't like using litter trays if they have been used even once so this tricks him into thinking he is always using brand new litter!!! We have saved the amount of litter we use and it’s a much cleaner way of having a clean regularly used litter tray in your home.
Would definitely recommend!!!

Dipa Patel
***Amazing ***

I cannot praise this litter tray enough. We have 4 cats and were spending a fortune on wood pellet litter due to the wastage. We tried sifting the litter with a scoop (very messy) and even bought a garden soil sieve to try and salvage as much wasted litter (this was a fail).... but no more. These trays are a brilliant idea and so easy to use. We have saved a small fortune on buying litter and the 3 maxi trays we bought have paid for themselves already. Not only do these trays save on litter costs, they also save on time and clean up. We simply empty the bottom tray once every 2 days (for liquid waste,) and the process couldn't be easier. Litter trailing has been greatly reduced too due to the deep sides and guards. We recommended this to our family member and she has also bought one.

Jessica Harvey
Large grey litter tray

I’m so pleased with this product, my cat loves it. Very easy to clean, the separate tray system works amazingly!


Very pleased with the size of the tray. Nice and deep so no mess when the cats are covering their business . Easy to lift the sieve out and empty the base to clean. Definitely uses much less litter so saving money on buying this. All 5 of my cats have used this and it is much more used than the other hooded litter trays I have around.

Melanie Patton
Great litter system - love the larger size

I have used this type of litter system before, although was finding it very difficult to get the right type of replacement sieve after our previous one split. Also with two cats, previous trays weren't really big enough. I found Britpet and realsied the XL size is perfect for us - the tray is a great size and quite deep, which means there is plenty of room. The tray and sieve are sturdy made from good quality plastic. It has been in use for about 6 weeks now and I am very happy with it. I highly recommend these litter systems. Great stuff :-)

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