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Middymaines Maine Coons - small hobby breeder of the beautiful Maine Coon in the heart of Derbyshire
I am GCCF registered, I am a member of the Maine Coon cat club, a GCCF breeder scheme member. All of my queens are tested for HCM, SMA, PkDef and Fiv/Felv.

Luxury Cat Boarding & Maine Coon Breeder





 Star Blues British Shorthairs 

Kim & Becky Belsey
based in Beaconsfield 

07419 299922



Moscenna British Shorthair Cats & Kittens
07828 673440
Nicola Shopland 

Shopland British Shorthair Cats - Moscenna



I am Donna, a registered GCCF breeder of Ragdolls located in Stafford

I am a member of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), The GCCF Breeder Scheme and the Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club (PRBCC)
All my cats are health screened for the gene HCM – Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and PKD –Polycystic Kidney Disease, proof of which is available to view.
My life revolves around breeding and showing happy, healthy, confident and lovable ragdolls.


Shanstars Ragdolls & RagaMuffins



Quintelin Devon Rex

Linda Chalmers




Lesley Green 

Breeder of Old-style / Traditional Siamese cats

in East Anglia