Maxi Sieve Tray & 2 Base Trays in Charcoal Trays

Colour :
Charcoal / Surf Mist

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The set consists of 1 sieve and base and extra base for rotation cleaning. This is the Large Sieve Litter Tray For Wood Pellets

Maxi size for large breed cats.i.e Ragdolls, Maine Coons or other large breeds

The Brit-Pet litter tray is designed specifically for use with  wood pellet litter. This 4 piece Maxitray set comes with a sieve, 2 bases and a clip that holds the set together. When wood pellets are wet, it break down into smaller particles, which then falls through into the bottom tray when shaken once or twice a day. The extra base is for rotation cleaning.

Width 46cm
Length 57cm
Front Height 23cm
Back Height 29cm

Depth in tray 15 cm - 20 cm..

Depth in tray 15 cm - 20 cm


not included

Customer Reviews

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Hazel Hanratty
Great product great service

I am delighted with our brit pet litter tray, I have tried every kind of litter and have finally hit the jackpot. Wood pellets are easy to use, smell-free, no tracking, eco friendly and extremely cheap. But they only work to their full advantage with a sifting litter tray like brit pet. I have tried other sifting trays, I even tried to make one myself but the Brit Pet tray is the only one I have found where the holes are the right size to let the wet litter fall through without the pellets getting stuck in the holes. I am a breeder of Siberians and I will be recommending this system to my kittens' new families. Lastly I was very happy with Brit Pet's customer service and communication. Highly recommend!

Much cleaner than normal trays

I've been using Cat's Best litter for years because it's relatively eco-friendly but I find it messy and my cat's don't seem to like it too much. I'm very impressed with the cleanliness of the pine pellets. The tray always looks fresh and the sifting works really well. There isn't a whole lot of space under between the grid and the base tray, so you do need to empty it every couple of days for multiple cats, but there is virtually no odour other than a sawdust/pine scent, even for an uncovered tray which is a big improvement even over the pricey Cat's Best litter in a covered tray.
The maxi size is really big and the pine pellets don't track around much because they're too big to get stuck to their paws. Since the trays aren't getting scraped by either a scoop or the cat's claws, I expect the plastic will be more odour resistant than their usual trays as well and the base tray is very easy to wipe clean. It is quite expensive for a tray but it is well made and quality thick plastic at a one-off cost, so I'd say it's well worth it. Very happy with it and would certainly recommend to others. I've ordered another to replace my cat's second tray and switch fully to pine pellets.

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