Clip On Litter Tray Scoops ( 💥can only be ordered with a tray system💥)

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Surf Mist

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Game changing time saving litter tray

I bought the maxi size to suit a Maine Coon cat. The sieve idea on this tray is so simple and saves so much time and prevents wasting litter. All I have to do is a quick poop scoop, stir the litter around and top up a little a fresh wood pellets.
I awarded 4 stars because I think the tray system would benefit from a little more design just to add finger holes to easily separate the sieve from the tray below, as it’s currently quite hard to do. I bought 2 trays and it’s hard to divide the two apart.
I also bought the scoop but find it a little flimsy and it feels like it will snap any moment.
Overall it’s an amazing, simple idea that I wish I’d discovered sooner!

Saves cleaning time reduces smells, saves money !!

This system is brilliant. My cat is happy and so am I. All I need to buy next is an extra tray for sieving the pellets and my system will be complete.

The initial outlay is worth it because I’m sure I will make my money back quickly.

Remember! A dirty litter tray might mean your cat uses alternative places to toilet - yuck!!

I’m not being paid for this review. - just very grateful I stumbled across this system on eBay.

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